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USSR stamps were issued from 1923 to 1991. The first post stamps of the USSR were dedicated to the All-Russian Agricultural exhibition, the series include 4 smooth and sharp stamps with miniatures of a tractor, reaper and the exhibition itself. "The Post of the USSR" was always indicated on the stamps of Soviet Union. When the gold coins appeared in 1923 and 1924, the stamps of "Standard" series were created. In their miniatures we can see a Red Army man, a peasant and a Soviet worker. This series is also known as the "Gold Standard" among the collectors, because it has a gold denomination. In 1937, the post blocks have started to be used. There are around 220 variations in total. The last issue was in 1991 and was dedicated to 4 historians. The final stamp of 1992 had the outlines of an atomic icebreaker.

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