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Stamps of postal machines.

In the store Topnimarka.com received stamps mail machines. The need for communication of important information between people at a distance has existed since ancient times. This was the origin and development of the mail, which continues today. Mobile phones, the Internet have replaced the epistolary genre, but the delivery of goods between cities, countries and continents is gaining new dimensions. Today, bicycles, trains, planes, ships and mail machines are involved.

Since the mass use of cars, postal companies of different countries use them to deliver goods of different sizes and masses. They differ in volume, color, and in each country have their own characteristics. And, like works of art, is their calling card. Releases of stamps with the image of postal machines are very popular with philatelists, because they are directly connected with this hobby.

The new stamps presented in the Topnimarka.com store catalog are distinguished by high quality and selection of specimens with bright and colorful images of modern, and not only, models of postal cars of different countries and continents. They will qualitatively complement the collections of even the most demanding collectors.