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Philately is a hobby for the whole life, it doesn’t depend on age or profession of a person, perfectly understand this, we try to collect the best samples of post stamps for true collectors. Recently, for example, stamps with cats became very popular, so for you we selected high-quality post stamps from Eritrea, Sao Tome and Principe, Liberia, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Togolese and Central African Republic. Post stamp with cats is a find for any philatelist, especially for someone who, in addition to collecting, is fond of the representatives of the cat family. Cats on stamps that we offer look very realistic, colorful and super cute. Also, if you have small children, nephews or grandchildren, they will definitely be happy to guess the breed of cats on post stamps.

In our catalog, sets of stamps that are very various in different ways: composition (5, 7, 15 blocks), image (Siamese, Sphinx, Persian and many others), price (from 1390 to 2990 rubles). Here you can buy post stamps with cats on every taste.