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If you are a beginner in philately, the first question you may have is - where to buy stamps or where to sell the ones that are not needed? Today there are many clubs for stamp collectors. The main philatelic club in Moscow is on Semenovskaya. There you can buy collectible stamps, sell and even exchange them if you have a duplicate or off-topic stamp for a particular collection. Clubs are a great place not only for sale and buy, but also for discussing interesting topics of philately. Here you will find people, who like no one understand the love of collecting stamps and appreciate their true worth. Collecting stamps is not only about the number, it’s about the story, that the image tells us and the rarity of a stamps. Showing a collection to your friends, you’re not just showing off, they will be interested to hear explanation of the meaning of each stamp. In this club you will have an amazing opportunity to find out more about the stamps, to hear the opinions of few experts.
Moscow club philatelists on Semenovskaya. small Semenovskaya, 30, building 11 (St.M.Semenovskaya)
Thursday from 16:30 19:30
Saturday from 9:30 13:30
Third Saturday of each month - coming regions
How to Get to the metro Semenovskaya