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Postage Stamps of the Olympics 80.

Sports achievements of Russia, CIS countries, and earlier - the USSR is undeniable. Soviet athletes on postage stamps have always provoked genuine interest not only from philatelists of the countries of the former USSR, but also from collectors all over the world. The fact is that the Union brought up champions and professionals in all sports, included in the list of the Olympic Games. The most famous of them was the USSR Olympics-80. A nice Olympic bear with rings is known and loved, probably, by everyone. And we will always remember the winners of the games, in that, of course, our stamps of the relevant topics will help.

Online store of postage stamps Topnimarka.com offers you a wide range of stamps dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Olympics-80. You will be proud of this collection and more than once review it, remembering courageous champions and participants of these games. Many countries have issued

postage stamps in honor of this anniversary, and typing in the search for the site "Sport 35th anniversary of the Olympics-80", you will see samples from Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Congo, Burundi, Mozambique and other countries. All this is an excellent option for replenishing the philatelic collection.