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Penny Black.
We all know such a thing as a brand. Do you wonder sometime about when there is the world's first postage stamp?
After all, once the appearance of the brand - was a huge innovation, as it is now for us - machines and internet. The first postage stamp was born in May 1840, in England. Father of the offspring can be considered Sir Rowland Hill (though many argue, and is also called the name of that seller bookshop - D.Chalmersa). We only know what really happened to realize this thing is Rowland. It was a black rectangle with a price - one penny of it and went uncommon name "Penny Black". The functions and parameters mark at all times the same, a small piece of paper, with a rectangular perforation and adhesive which is applied to the back side.
The reason Rowland came to the creation of the brand, were the stories of his mother, who worked at the post office and shared with the son of the postal system shortcomings and ways to pay. One day, in 1837, Hill finally prepared and presented his invention, where the use of the postal charge is paid by the sender. It took him three years to carry out his idea. All this time to campaign in the press and on various fees, build alliances, and collective petitions were submitted to the British Parliament.
For the first time the brand began to be printed by a metal. They were only two inscriptions: "Postage" and "one penny" (price). And when it came to image - we created a contest where people offered their own variants. Almost 3000 participants, and only one winner - Henry Cole, who depicted the profile of the Queen of England.
The total number of 68,808,000 post signs were printed, most of them came to our time. "Penny Black" - hardly a sign of a rare and unique, but philatelists aspire to be its owner, because the true value of this brand is undeniable. According to the latest price of slaked sign ranges from $ 10 to $ 200, depending on its safety. But the net price of the brand «Penny Black», in perfect condition, can reach 20,625 pounds.