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Clear post stamps of the USSR mean that they were purchased for a collector's purpose or simply were not in use for the purpose. They don’t have tears or stamp marks. These stamps have never been on the envelope, they are in a perfect condition. Many collectors love them because of their neat appearance. They are less likely to meet than those taken from the letters. Usually, clear post stamps have higher prices than cancelled ones, except for certain types of stamps. We have a wide assortment of various post stamps of the USSR in the catalog with the indication of the prices for them. Here you can find a wide range of interesting stamps by the years of release and on different topics, such as: important political and cultural figures, Great Patriotic War and other significant events. There are stamps with miniatures of different professions, sports, technology, animals, plants, and others. All stamps are in perfect condition. The post stamp of the USSR is not just a beautiful picture, but also a part of our history and culture, which will be especially interesting for the descendants.