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You’re choosing where to buy post stamps on Soviet topic? We think our assortment will find you well. Here you can buy not only wonderful sets of post stamps, but the whole catalogs of USSR stamps. There is a specialized catalog of post stamps of the RSFSR (1918-1923) and the USSR (1923-1960) part four, under the guidance of V.Y. Solovyov, its price is 750 rubles. In part four of this edition the author in details describes the types of USSR post stamps by watermarks, paint, paper and different important details on the image. He classifies releases since 1946-54 in details. He also gives information about the number and placement of signs on the sheets. The fourth part of the catalog gives interesting and useful information about post stamps in the Soviet Union in period from 1961 to 1991. He describes post blocks, cards and envelopes with unique stamps of a certain period. In these books, information about the placement of signs on sheets and editions, as well as information about different types of prints and perforation skips. The price of this catalog is also 750 rubles.

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